Sabtu, 02 Mei 2015

Sex and Kiss

She makes a stride toward Cewek Cantik Nakal the entryway while he sits in a seat smoking a cigarette, entertained, it appears to be, by her special mix of aloofness and verve. She holds back, moves in the direction of him, and, in keeping with the false aggressive dialog that is one of the enjoyments of the film, lets him know that her enthusiasm for him is undiminished. "You don't need to say anything, I just want" she says, twisting temptation to make it sound like resistance, "and you don't need to do anything. Not a thing." She moves more remote away, takes the doorknob in her grasp, then turns once more. "Gracious, perhaps simply shriek," she says, at long last pulling open the entryway. She then stops and swings around for the last time. "You know how to shriek, don't you?" Bacall is currently inclining marginally into the room, looking down on the situated Bogart, her overwhelming lidded eyes at their sultriest, her mouth bowed into a provoking quarter,smile. "You simply set up your lips together . . . furthermore, blow." She shuts the entryway; she vanishes. My, my. Click this link now

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